VOL. 2

February 2018



by James H Duncan

by Jonathan Kline

by Carly Susser

by John Dorroh

by Paul Corman-Roberts

by R. Bremner

by Kim D. Bailey 


by Cleveland Wall

by Damian Rucci

by citvdel blvck featuring Outspoken St. Monk 

by Cord Moreski 

by Chris Rockwell

by James C. Ellerbe


by John Reinhart

by Mather Schneider 

by Daniel Crocker 

by John Reinhart


by Keith Landrum

by Greg Edmondson

by Jeff Filipski 

by Matt Gullstrand

by Moly Tov

Please Note: All of our menu items contain 100% original, organic, gluten-free, fair-trade food-for-thought that’s been emailed to us straight from the creative minds of our contributors. A 20% gratuity will be charged to parties of six or more and to those who decide to totally disregard our submission policy.