Paul Koniecki

driving-thru mcdonalds 

this morning grabbing your breakfast
of small coffee and medium talk

i say i want to live forever
and this apple pie is baked

you reply death by samurai sword and
death by lightning is still death

referencing ishmael reed rza and the lost
tribes of israel as both fountain and font

i mention how my grandpa sigmund was
known for finding money on the ground

as if on cue i scoop a stray fiver up
and give it to my daughter for gas money

quoting brodsky’s line “love’s not a
potato you can’t throw it out the window”

realizing if we make it out alive we’ll
never run out of theories to debate


“That’s the tailbone I said as I pushed my belly-button back in”

– Reverie Evolving

across the diner table

between the juke box 

and the coffee spoon

you are the color of fire in space

you are time you are light 

you are hope you are 

brown perfect telekinesis 

fine black gauze 

you are johnson and curie 

and syzmborska and 

skarbek and einstein and curie 

hawking and hedy lamarr 

heroic intelligence 

you are the considered pause 

of a sentient galaxy 

you are energy bent 

over the lip of an event horizon

laughing victorious manic 


harrowing and proud  

stellar odyssey  

half made whole

angel across the booth 

at the metro diner

the space between us is only now

ever the distance you want it to be

Published 10-14-17

Paul’s latest book, “After Working Hours” is being released in July of 2017 from NightBallet Press. Paul Koniecki hosts Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase at Deep Vellum Books in Dallas, Texas. His chapbook, Reject Convention, was published by Kleft Jaw Press 2015 and his poems have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies since 1985. He was chosen for the Ashbery Home School Residency in Hudson, New York in 2016 . He wants you to know peanut butter loves you as much as hummus.

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