Taylor Emily Copeland

Saturday night is a distant memory

It used to be nearly empty glasses

of wine, sweat beading on our

shoulders in June, tipsy dares that

ended up in tongues tangled – a

Sapphic freeze frame of our early

twenties. It used to be dragging

Casey’s plastered body to someone’s

front lawn so she could projectile

Jager Bombs on garden gnomes. It

was cigarettes at 2am in front of

Arielle’s place. Now it’s three jobs,

anxiety and worthless degrees. It’s

writer’s block at 7pm, my long blonde

hair in a pony tail, lemon water and

pita chips. It’s checking my phone

for messages that never come.

Last Summer’s Blonde

“It doesn’t matter who you love, as long

as they love you back.” I carried Mom’s words

with me when I walked hand in hand with Cady,

our arms swinging back and forth like kids,

like sisters, but we’re not. We were, what one

guy called “a waste of two good blondes”, we

were last summer’s sweet romance. We remain

two people who left limits off of who can make us

happy. We both like sensitive boys – poets and

artists, soft and affectionate girls who smell

like you’re inhaling the smell of a bakery in

the morning. Now, we’re two names across fiber

optics, the occasional “how’s it going?” in a

text, but I still gasp at the sight of her name.


Oh traveler,

you have conquered my inches

and staked claim of each breath

from my gaping mouth. You have

moved the pale earth, a slight

tremor to a landslide, watered

the ground and calmed the natives.

You can leave your shoes in

the dim hallway, take my extra key,

raise the sun in the morning,

shade me with the husk of you.

Baby, you are home.

Published 10-15-17

Taylor Emily Copeland is a poet from Eastern Pennsylvania, now living in New Jersey. She is the author of two chapbooks: “Caffeine kisses and long sleeves” and “Monarch”, both available from Maverick Duck Press. Her poems have recently appeared in Melancholy Hyperbole, Hobo Camp Review, Thick With Conviction and Chantarelle’s Notebook. She is a four time Best of the Net nominee and also was nominated for Best of the Web. She reads obsessively, likes pink things, drinks too much coffee, drives aimlessly and falls in love too easily. She is unashamed of all of it.