Robert Whiteley

So Cruel

There’s a fair in my heart

transient by nature

the kind you find travelling 

from small town to smaller town

at the first touch of spring

the kind that pops up in uneven

parking lots of shopping malls


and city parks across this country

the kind that makes a fatalist out of the

most hardened cynic

dizzied by the midway lights

your heartbeat increases

as you watch crowds of people

playing their games

testing their luck

nervously, you study 

and calculate the odds

you wait for the right opportunity

a gentle nudge to the elbow

it never comes

there’s a fair in my heart

a terminal illness 

whose arm is never as long as its reach

Published 12-3-17

Robert Whiteley was born in Burlington, Ontario, but now lives just beyond the shadowy reach of the CN Tower where he owns an online bookstore called, The Poet’s Pulpit. His poems have appeared in Canada and the United States.