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Hey there! 

Charles Joseph here. Welcome to indigentpress.com!

You know…I originally created this website to help promote and facilitate the online sales of the limited run poetry chapbooks that we publish. Which it has and still will. But as is the case with many a micro press, our output is slow, and there are a ton of talented people out there that we’d love to work with, but we honestly don’t have the time or resources to commit to a ton of Chapbooks. So as a solution to this dilemma, I contacted a handful of writers and asked them if they would be interested in reading submissions for an online writing experiment  called, “Indigent A La Carte,” and they all said, “What the hell does that even mean? Is it a zine? A journal? A review?” “No,” I said, “It’s an artisanal menu of writing, with poetry, fiction, quirky non-fiction, spoken word audio, art, and more over time I imagine…It’s gonna be fun on the outside and serious on the inside…I’ll take care of the fun part, and you take care of the serious part…okay?” “Ohhhh, yeah, okay, sure, sounds good,” they all said, “Let’s do it!” And so began a new and exciting chapter in this marginally epic saga known as Indigent Press, and I hope you enjoy each and every morsel of creative cuisine that you find on our menu, today and in the near and distant future.

 Warm Regards,

Charles Joseph  E.I.C.

The Indigent A La Carte team 

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 Managing Editor 

Moly Tov

 Associate Editor 

Matthew Gullstrand

Art Editor 

Indigent A La Carte is an artisanal menu (or, webpage) of writing, spoken word audio, and art where writers and artists from all walks-of-life have an opportunity to display their creations to the hungry eyes of the World Wide Web. If you’re curious about what type of creative cuisine we’re starving for, our editors are a diverse crowd of omnivores who are dying to consume original, accessible, interesting food for thought. Which means…surprise us! We’re open...24-7.

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      Indigent Press is a grassroots micro press dedicated to publishing high quality, limited run, poetry chapbooks by a diverse group of poets with unique voices. It is our hope that each title we release will not only be something that you read over and over again, but that it will also be a germ that you pass along to your friends like a communicable disease. You can call us a poetry collective, or a makeshift movement on the rise—we call it Indigent Press.

      Next stop, a bookshelf near you…

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      • To contact us please email us at indigentpress [at] gmail dot com.