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The Smell of Terrorism by John Reinhart

John Reinhart The Smell of Terrorism  To immediately clear up any confusion, our new car is older than our old car. Our old car is a 1981 Mercedes Benz 240D, D standing for diesel. The new car is a 1980 Mercedes Benz 300TD station wagon, TD standing for touring...

Communication by Land by John Reinhart

John Reinhart Communication by Land I was surprised how easy it was to order a new land line telephone online. Within forty-three seconds I had a new phone number and an order for someone to activate the phone line. Whatever “activation” means, it costs thirty-five...

An Early ’90s Christmas by Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker An Early '90s Christmas “Is it almost done?” I was making super-hot, a touch of ginger, chili. I make it so hot that it almost hurts to eat it, but it’s about the only time I get food that spicy, so my wife puts up with it. “Good, we have to leave at...

Lights by Kendall A. Bell

Kendall A. Bell Lights Generally speaking, I don’t usually find inspiration from Old Navy commercials. However, one night while waiting for whatever show my wife and I were watching to come back on, Old Navy was advertising some kind of sale. It wasn’t for sweaters....

Platillo Volador by Mather Schneider

Mather SchneiderPlatillo VoladorMy wife Margarita and I are at our brother-in-law’s house in Hermosillo after the 5-hour drive from Tucson, trying to talk everybody into going to Kino Bay, only an hour and a half away, but Miriam doesn’t want to go, Kareli doesn’t...

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