At the moment, we are working on four new Indigent titles that will be released before the close of 2017.

So stay tuned, more information about each is on the way.  

Previously Released…

Conceived as a poetic tribute to the golden age of low budget cinema, Old School Monsters, which features 12 original poems by John Dorsey and Charles Joseph, offers a glimpse into the heart of infamous movie monsters and the formative monsters that shape our reality every day. 50 copies of this chapbook were printed and released on January 29th 2017. Cover art by Janne KarlssonIntroduction by Adrian Manning.

Stay Afloat Inside is the latest chapbook by New Jersey poet Cord Moreski. This twelve poem collection takes the reader on a journey through Moreski’s everyday observations, experiences, and reflections. Heartfelt and relatable, 100 signed copies of Stay Afloat Inside were released on 8/19/16.

Into The Undertow, an homage to Jucifer’s 2002 album “I Name You Destroyer”, takes the titles of each song and turns them into fifteen poems, twisting and turning into different directions, much like the songs that inspired them. The poems aspire to be as nomadic as the band is.

FIREBALL (or 12 quasi-epic poems of cheerful doom and gloom) is abstract information ripped out of Charles Joseph’s imagination. It’s a new direction, full of reflection that will leave you stranded at the corner of truth and fiction. It’s cheaper than a pack of cigarettes and more expensive than a loaf of bread, but for five bucks, you can buy yourself a ticket to the circus inside of this quasi-poets head. 

A Symphony of crows is the story of a relationship failed by betrayal, drugs, and chaos, that can best be described as Damian Rucci’s soundtrack to the broken hearted melancholy that knocks on your door at the end of a relationship. 12 poems that lead the reader down a path of self-discovery that eclipses regret.

Vanity is the Whore of The Gods takes the reader into the mind and world of Outspoken St. Monk. These poems are an introduction to his unique style and thoughts that connect the symbolism of the outside world to the inner home of his heart. His full-length volume of his poetry The World Will Notice will be available from Silver Star Press in 2016.

Temporary Obscurity is a split chapbook that Charles created with B. Diehl in the winter of 2015. The poems are modern, quirky, and thought provoking. Overall, it may just be six poems each by two writers with different voices. But as a unit, it’s is twelve poems that work really well together. So, even though this project began as an online social experiment that could have easily crashed and burned, it didn’t, and this little no-nonsense chapbook is proof that collaborations can work—if you try.

PLEASE NOTE: aside from a few copies that our authors may still have on hand for readings, all of the chapbooks listed below are sold out. So if you would like to purchase a particular book, please vist it’s author’s link and contact them directly. You never know, they may have a copy waiting for you, or a new book out that may interest you.