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Art from Chattanooga by Keith Landrum

Keith Landrum Art from Chattanooga   Published 11-5-17 Keith Landrum paints, draws, writes, works, and drinks in Chattanooga, TN. His work can be found in various print and online small press...

Rivers and Beasts by Greg Edmondson

Greg Edmonson Rivers and BeastsZiggurat, gouache on paper, 44" x 30", 2015Bipolar, gouache on paper, 44" x 30", 2015Magnetic North, gouache on paper, 42" x 65", 2015Late July and Early August, gouache and acrylic on paper, 24" x 25.5", 2016RIVERS and BEASTS Spartan...

Gorilla Art from Melbourne by Jeff Filipski

Jeff Filipski Gorilla Art from MelbourneReign reign go away or an idiots revengeSipping nectar from a platform of lustMy best friend grins but never smilesPublished 10-14-17Jeff Filipski  has a BFA from SUNY at Buffalo and has been a Melbourne resident for 25 years....

INNARDS by Moly Tov

Moly Tov INNARDS Published 10-14-17Moly Tov is egregiously extant. They have had a few poems published both online and in print, and a varied sampling of their poetry and paintings can be found at:...

TOO ODD art by Matt Gullstrand

Matt Gullstrand  Too Odd  Published 10-14-17 Matt Gullstrand is a 25 year old artist from the Jersey shore with one mission: to create. Whether through sculpting, painting, photography, digital works or traditional drawings, he seeks to capture not simply the humor,...

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