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Enchilada Follies by Alex Schumacher

Alex Schumacher Enchilada Follies One or two steps—maybe three—into the rundown apartment Diego shared with his fiancé, he was greeted by the enthusiastic tap-dancing of their Boxer pup and an odiferous fireworks display shot directly into his nasal cavity. The...

No Illusions by Steven Storrie

Steven Storrie No Illusions You are dating someone you met on Twitter and are currently Skyping with. Here are some things that she likes; “I like… Boys on swings and girls on skateboards. I like babies in highchairs. I like people in hats with big eyebrows and...

The Day She Got Busted by Kim D. Bailey

Kim D. Bailey The Day She Got Busted Terry heard the bell sound and came out of the cooler just in time to see a woman running back out the door with a 12-pack of beer. “Shit!” She grabbed the phone and sent a text to Ed. Considering this was the third time in six...

Trinket & In Between Making Plans by Paul Corman-Roberts

Paul Corman-Roberts TrinketFound inn sleaze soaked, Del Mar roach motel just south of the Strip: Wondrous squalid Fremont Avenue gift-shop prize. She wanted to remember this time. Remember the glamorous fluorescent marquee, though it didn’t have the thousand tiny...

Raccoons & Cats of Roma by R. Bremner

R. Bremner  Raccoons On those frigid nights, we’d pop up from the subway wind tunnel into the blustery city street, padding past the lamplit haze, chuckling, our blood humming, eager for the ales and the warmth of the table talk. We’d leave behind a trail of smoky...

Baked Alaska by Catfish McDaris

Catfish McDaris Baked Alaska  The first time I saw Jeffrey Dahmer, was while reading on South Second in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at an art gallery parking lot right across from the Club 219 Bar and the Ball Club. Dahmer picked up many of his victims in that neighborhood...

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